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  • High Performance Competitive Prices
    Production and sales of 3 rows, 5 rows, 6 rows cotton pickers and various planters
    Professional manufacturing technology Strong research and development strength Modern production equipment Perfect quality management system
    High cost performance / High cleaning rate / Low impurity rate
    Cleaning rate can reach to 98% / impurity less than 3% Close to hand picking cotton quality / Better performance far more than domestic and foreign products
    Serving customers Win-win business
    Popular Models
    Long working hours, 
    wide range, 
    large capacity and high efficiency
    The seeding volume
    is accurate and does
    not damage the seeds,
    and it can realize the
    integration of ditching,
    sowing, drip irrigation,
    film mulching, film
    mulching and cleaning.
    Picking rate up to 98% The impurity content is less than 3% The degree of damage is close to the quality of hand cotton High cost performance The only one in the same industry has a base in North and South Xinjiang. Sufficient staffing And parts resources Fast response Professional after-sales service team
    +86 159-6832-0157 Mr.Qian




  • Our positive response and jia city in zhejiang province "xinjiang industry employment, employment income to help out of poverty", the zhejiang industry market advantages and resources advantages in xinjiang, the development of both industrial cooperation and achieve win-win situation, stimulate endogenous ShouYuanDe industry development power, in order to take long-term counterpart in xinjiang and the biggest benefit. The company created nearly 500 local jobs and recruited 30 people from poor families. Company attaches great importance to the cultivation of the local staff, the training content of safety knowledge, information management, automation production management, plan management, logistics management, quality control of cotton machine drivers, such as the cotton-picking machine maintenance technician covers all kinds of professional talents in the process of cotton industry mechanization, the train driver has more than 400 people, technical staff of 165 people, factory middle management staff 36 people.
    The first domestic cotton picker with full hydraulic transmission in 2013
    The first self-produced six-row cotton picker in China in 2014
    The first cotton picker with electro-hydraulic transmission in China in 18 years
    The first cotton picker with automatic centralized lubrication system in 19 years
    18 years fully insulated design of cab to avoid accidental electric shock
    The panoramic image is adopted to improve traffic safety
    Automatic assembly, improve work efficiency, ensure product consistency
    Introduce large laser wire cutting equipment to improve efficiency and quality
    The recovery rate of
    97% ~ 98%
    The impurity rate does not
    exceed 3%
    The quality is close to hand-picked cotton
    The price advantage is close to 35%
    Bo shi run is the only domestic cotton picker enterprise with production base, cutting-edge Internet of things technology and complete after-sales service system in both northern and southern xinjiang. We have established a complete set of after-sales service system according to the requirements of the after-sales service evaluation system
    Online and offline communication
    Customer demand confirmation
    Tailored or recommended
    Special car transportation and distribution
    after-sales service
    All for customer satisfaction
    Xinjiang bo shi ran agricultural machinery science and technology co., ltd. was established in August 2009. It is located at no. 594, tarim river east road, east industrial zone, wusu city, tacheng district, xinjiang province. It covers an area of 222,555 square meters with a registered capital of 100 million yuan. Set r & d, production, sales as one, specializing in agricultural machinery r & d, production, sales, after-sales service
    All for customer satisfaction
    All for customer satisfaction